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I am a Certified Action Learning coach, competency-based learning designer and trained facilitator, and mentor working with people around the world from my base in Malaysia.

I grew up asking questions. A lot of questions. About a lot of things. As a child, I also hid in cupboards a lot, wildly scribbling in my notebook at all hours of the day.

I first discovered coaching when I was 12, when I had what I would like to think was my first coaching conversation. I had received an offer to boarding school and I was completing the admission form. As I reached the end of the form I went to my father and asked if I should sign the form. Instead of telling me what to do, which was more natural for parents during that time, he asked me "What do you want to do?" I thought about it and replied "I really want to go to this school," to which he replied - "Then you know what to do." I signed the form, had 5 fun years in school, and discovered the power of questions.

Fast forward to more than 35 years later, I have built my experience around content development, project management, employer branding, customer and employee experience, talent development and talent management, coaching, mentoring, leadership development and organizational development across industries including technology, financial services, engineering, aviation and property development. More about my experience and credentials on my LinkedIn page .

Over the years, I have discovered that I want to include more ways to help people to find their strengths and leverage on them in order to have a more fulfilling professional life, which can contribute to a more joyful life in general. My #kickstartYOU coaching program has helped people to reconnect with their life purpose, and with the virtual medium, my coaching program has reached out to people across continents, at their convenience.

Away from FazForward, I work with my partners and associates in Compas MTC (Malaysia) where we use coaching and facilitation to deliver development programs like the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Train-the-Trainer Certification Program, and development initiatives to help leaders get the best from themselves and their teams in order to drive better results.

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My podcast: https://anchor.fm/fazforward

My blog: https://fazk.wordpress.com/

My socials: https://linktr.ee/FazForward



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